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Save at: Watsons, Guardian, Phyto Organics

What a deal, what a steal

Now’s the best time to shop for those toiletries and even to stock up, because of the many promotions available.

  1. Watsons (26 feb – 25 march) – 30% off and many more; for those interested in organic skincare, there’s more than 50% off!
  2. Guardian  – 30% off.
  3. Phyto Organics (ends on 21 March) – 20% off on Mukti (Certified Organic Skincare range); Lavera & Yes to Carrots items are going for $7 each, with a minimum purchase of any 3 items!


Phyto Organics

It’s located at Raffles City Shopping Centre, B1-74. You can find it next to The Soup Spoon.

My friend chanced upon this shop and discovered that Lavera was going at 3 for $21, instead of 2 for $21 (which happens to be the promotion at Watsons). She informed me, of course. I rushed over the day after my exams had ended.


Yes to Carrots

I bought many goodies from Lavera and Yes to Carrots, worth more than $200, but which I’ve only paid $70 for, all thanks to this very worthwhile promotion! Items from Lavera and Yes to Carrots ranges can be mixed and matched to get 3 items.

The friendly SA there (the one who served me was Jolin) even gave me a few samples to try out.


Updated buys as on 11th March


From Yes to Carrots:

  1. Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser
  2. Hair & Scalp Moisturising Mud Mask
  3. Deliciously Rich Body Butter
  4. Pampering Hair Mud Conditioner x 2
  5. Pampering Carrot Juice Shampoo x 2

From Lavera:

  1. Neutral Cleansing Gel
  2. Neutral Facial Fluid x 2
  3. Faces Wild Rose Cleansing Milk x 2 (Read Leon’s review here!)
  4. Faces Wild Rose Toner
  5. Faces Wild Rose Moisturising Cream
  6. Faces Wild Rose Liposome Intensive Cream
  7. Lips Repair + Vitamin E Lip Balm
  8. Young Faces Blemish Stick
  9. BodySPA Wild Rose Body Lotion (Read Sesame’s review here!)


Wide selection

 Lavera has many ranges for different skin types available. Wild Rose is for dry and matured skin; Neutral is for sensitive skin. There are others, such as Aloe Vera for combination skin and Young for acne-proned skin. For guys, they have the Men’s range too! Check them out.

Yes to Carrots caters mostly for dry to sensitive skin for face, skin and even hair.

I’m thinking of going back to get more!

Have you gone shopping yet?


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