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Fashion: satinshimmers

#1 theBLACKlabel
Pleasure at no expense
Online shopping, enjoying the intriguing pleasures at no expense. There is no fierce crowds or sales assistants; there is no noise pollution – think all the music blasting from different stores, think bugis street! The perfect place to shop is probably from home, online. Being one who abhors crowds & noises, online shopping is a huge relief.
Online Fraud
However, to shop online, it also means we are more proned to frauds, especially since we are unable to see/touch what we are buying, unable to see even the seller.
Buy only from the known
Hence, always exercise caution when making online purchases. Buy only from people you know whom exist, such as an acquantaince or even friend’s friend’s friend. Alternatively, there is always livejournal communities to help. But beware, not all communities are stringent with who post what, plus communities do not endorse any of their members. Hence, the bottomline is always to buy only if you know the seller, either in person, through friends, or through the feedback that the particular seller has.
And today, I recommend satinshimmers, whose owner is a friend of mine. Have a look at all those classic, timeless pieces! Quote HAPPYHOTCAKES for a 10% discount.

(View Collection HERE!)

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Home Remedy: Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask with Aloe Vera

Great Skin Treat

Mud from the Dead Sea, which is located in Israel, has a high salt and mineral content. Dead Sea mud also has a high sulfur content, which cleanses and purifies the skin.

Dead Sea mud serves well as both an exfoliator and a cleanser. It is said to:

  1. Detoxify and purge impurities from the skin
  2. Tighten and tone
  3. Improve blood circulation
  4. Eliminate stiffness and pain when heated
  5. Hydrate skin
  6. Aid in skin regeneration

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask with Aloe Vera

Because of inflamed skin, I decided to enhance the healing properties of the mud with Aloe Vera.

Add 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel to 1 teaspoon of Dead Sea mud. Mix well. Apply on skin and wash off once it dries.

Try this soothing mask for that deeply cleansed, yet hydrated sensation!

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