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Home Remedy: Clove Powder for Acne

Clove is used to treat skin conditions because of its antibacterial properties. Both clove and its powder contain salicylic acid, which gently exfoliates skin to unclog pores.


  1. 2 teaspoon of clove powder
  2. 1 teaspoon of  honey


  1. Mix the 2 ingredients together to achieve a paste-like consistency. The end result should not be too fluid as it may drip.
  2. Apply the paste on blemishes immediately.
  3. For better results, store the paste in the fridge overnight and apply the next day.
  4. Paste can be used on the blemishes twice daily. Leave paste on the blemish for at least 30 minutes each time, or until paste dries.
  5. Paste does not sting due to the honey present. After washing off the paste, skin will feel a slight tingling, refreshing sensation.
  6. Add 2-3 drops of mint juice (and add more clove powder as required to make a thick paste) to minimise redness.

Personally, I observe better results after the paste has been stored in the fridge overnight. The new acne disappears in a couple of days, while the old ones flatten, but retain their redness. I have yet to try the mint juice version, because I have not found it.

Credits to Leon for the recipe.


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